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Miyamoto Haruka
Female - 20 - Idol - Heterosexual

Haruka is a peculiar person. This might be because how she was raised by her weird mixed background. In many ways her personality reflects the galaxy itself. She is a mischievous and playful by nature. With a good sense of compassion in her and can be very caring. Yet despite this, she is not a very open person about herself. She might be nice, but she is rather…distant. She also very guarded about her feelings and thoughts. She tries to be open minded and see the whole picture in things. Most of the time, she tries not to judge people quickly. She is actually very easy going or relaxed in a way. In many ways, she not easily roused up in anger that most people will take to offensive.

Sometimes she has an issue of bottling things up. Meaning not expressing her true feelings and thoughts, and just tries to wear a smile. This might due to her having trouble trusting others. She is polite yes, but rarely shows her true feelings. She is rather cautious as well. She is a bit of a spitfire and can be very passionate about things. It is also worth noting that she got an air of elegance and grace to her. Of nobility of some sort.

But because of her nature, she is naturally a calm and rational person. It takes much to anger her…or you have to hit certain spots or points. She is cool-headed and is highly intelligent. An observant and insightful person, she can rationally view thing with an open mind. Using her wits and intelligence, she is rather resourceful and adaptable as well. She also has a great deal of patience. She also isn’t afraid of getting dirty and willing to do hard work.

She got lots of determination and is rather resilient. With sheer determination, she pushes forward and prevail. She is also quite stubborn as well, but she will listen, but she might not like it. Maybe it is because she is not good at people and feelings, but she can be shy. She is quite dense, mostly at the emotional and relationships aspects of life. In reality of romance, she is actually quite shy too.
Sometimes she gets cocky or arrogant, but that because she got proven skill. She dislikes people who talk big, but don't back it up.

She is very cunning and sly at times. Sometimes saying the right words to say to manipulate things to her favor. She also very critical, mostly about herself. She is rarely satisfied with her work and progress. Sometimes she pushes herself too had. She is somewhat self-conscious about some things. Like how to act in pubic and with people. Most of the time she views herself badly, meaning she lacks self-value. Most of this stems from the fact she believes no one will miss her besides a few people. Even still, she believes they will be able to move on easily. Even still, she does have some good leadership skills and can be charismatic.

She can be protective and loyal to those she does trust and befriended. She is also willing to help others, even strangers most of the time. This especially goes to those she cares about. The best way to get her angry? Insult or threaten those people. Then she gets ruthless and vengeful. Even if you escape her, she will hold a grudge long and stubbornly. Maybe even be a bit spiteful. She will eventually forgive...but she won't easily forget.

She got a driving thirst of proving herself and to become stronger. She also got her own sense of justice, honor, and priorities. Unlike justice seekers, she is willing to get her hands dirty to fulfill her desires and dreams. She values her priorities, her comrades, family, and her dreams above all. One thing she loathes is giving respect those who don't earn it...or being disrespected for no reason.


Haruka takes form of a young and pretty woman with a curvaceous yet athletic figure who radiant of elegance and grace. Her skin is pale peach and flawless. She has long blond hair that ends at her waist. Usually, she ties it in a ponytail. Sometimes she lets it hang loose. Her eyes are almond shaped and are oddly enough ruby red in color. They usually have a playful or mischievous look in them. Her lips are full and plump and her nose is small. She rarely wear much makeup, besides probably lipstick and eyeshadow. Her fingernails are medium sized and well taken care of.  Her legs are also very long and slender.

Haruka usually wears a variety of outfits. Her most common is her casual outfit. This outfit consists of a dress shirt. It is usually red or warm colored, like orange. She sometimes wears scarves around her neck. Sometimes she wears shades or glasses. For leg wear she usually jeans or slack pants. For footwear, she prefers boots. Another outfit is a white shirt, black pants, and a black jacket.

But she is willing to wear most shoes. She doesn't like wearing heels unless necessary, though. She tends to wear vest or coats. Her particular favorite coat is a black and red trench coat. She also likes wearing gloves. She wears some jewelry like bracelets, rings, and necklaces. Sometimes she like wearing flower hairclips in her hair. She also sometimes  wears business suits and dresses when needed. She totally dislikes heels, though. She also particular fond of traditional oriental clothing like kimonos and yukatas.

Haruka's story could begin with her family probably. Her father comes from large and wealthy family of Japan. A distinguished line in a way, which owns a giant corporation that spans over many fields of work. From entertainment, media, technology, and transport. They also dabbled in other lesser fields. But those were the main four. Her father is the eldest child of the main family. So he was groomed and raised to be the heir.

Akira Miyamoto accepted his fate and followed the family, but he wished he could be selfish for once….and that changed during his first day of high school. There, he met his future wife. Alessia Argento was a pretty foreign exchange student attending the private academy her father was attending. In many ways, they are opposite. One was quiet, studious, and native. The other was flashy, cheerful, popular, and foreign. Yet somehow they got each other’s attention. It wasn’t until a group project they become close friends.

They departed after graduation, since Alessia was called by to Italy by her father. They promised to keep in contact and did via letters and email. Though distant, they are still faintly remember each other. They meet again when they were grown up. With Akira taken over as the CEO of the family corporation….while Alessia was now a famous Italian model/actress.

They met during a party, which Akira was sponsoring…and Alessia was working for.  After that, they began meeting up and more. Soon, the feelings they had at high school matured and they eventually realized like each more than friends. At first, the Miyamotos were against Akira seeing a foreigner. But her grandfather smoothed them over. Saying that Akira and Alessia having a relationship was a good. He stared various reasons. One that Alessia’s looks would probably be good for any future kids in the family. Though secretly he told Akira he was happy his son finally found something he wanted and being a bit selfish. The two balanced each other out.

Years passed and they eventually started a family. Her father did some serious family reform and fixing to the family affairs. He seemed less stress out due to his wife and family now and much happier. As Haruka grew up, she had a firm but happy childhood. Though strict in tutoring, she had plenty of good childhood memories. She had private tutoring, yes, but it was sort of fun. She also attended private schools for education.

She made friends with people of different backgrounds and family. At a young age, she found her dream occupation: performing. So with her parents help, she started as a child actress. But as she got older and better, her fame got more renown and she got better parts. At age 17, she became one of the youngest and most influential performers in Japan and the Asia continent. Now she doesn’t just do acting. She also does modeling and singing. She also works as a voice actress. For acting, she does various types of films and dramas. Mainly she plays or voice acts as a female heroine though. Or an “action girl” type of female character.

At the age of 18, things got a little bizarre. She got a gift from her grandmother (on her mother's side) and that is how she somehow ended up becoming a Magical Girl. At first, she was a bit startled. But become amused by it. She will enjoy it while she can, only to keep the boredom from going away.


- FAVORITE COLORS: Harkua's favorite colors are red, orange, gold, gray, silver, and black.
- SKILL SET: She is pretty skilled in martial arts, gymnastics, and swordplay. Partially because of her own personal hobbies and partial from acting in some movies and dramas. She also got musical and acting skills due to her line of work. She also developed some cooking skills and art skill as well. She also got a good sense of memory and recalling information, this is why she able to pick up some things when she focuses on it and work on it.
- FULL OCCUPATION: Her full occupation could be classified as an actress [both acting and voice acting], model, and singer. A general performer to be exact. The company she works is for her family's entertainment/media division.
- FAMILY: She is the eldest female offspring of her family. She also got an elder fractal older twin brother. She got multiple younger siblings, three of them to be exact. She also got a mother, a father, and loads of other relatives (uncles/aunts/cousins).
- HERITAGE: Mixed Heritage. Her mother is Italian (with other European background). The other backgrounds are French, British, and Greek. Her father is full blooded Japanese.
- HOBBIES: Her main recreational hobbies are arts and crafts, music, and reading. She is also a major fan of anime, manga, and video games. She also likes cooking and learning languages. She also learned to love to exercise, mainly in the form of martial arts. She also loves myths, legends, and astrology.
- FAVORITE GENRES: action, adventure, fantasy, and romance.
- FAVORITE FOOD: Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Sweets
- FAVORITE FLOWER: Orchids, Lavender, and Irises
- LIKES:  her hobbies, friend, companions, loyalty, hard work, dedication, thoughtfulness, stargazing, cute things
- DISLIKES:  stalkers, paparazzi, dried fish, high humidity, foul odors, spoiled brats
- WEAKNESSES: Holds grudges long and hard, somewhat disorganized, her cockiness, and actually quite shy about her true feelings and emotions.
- HABITS: Smirking when amused or interested, twirling hair and objects
- PET PEEVES: Spoiled brats, people who can't back up their talk, stalkers, paparazzi
- FEARS: Being betrayed is her greatest fear. That along with used, being forever alone, and being unwanted by those she care about.
- DREAMS/GOALS: Though publicly she states she want to be the best female performer of Japan, that is just a cover goal. Being loved and given love back is her main goal, aka finding her true love I guess? That and maybe eventually settle down.
- LANGUAGES LEARNED: Japanese, Korean, Chinese (various), English, French, Latin, and Italian. Some she picked up as hobbies, others for her line of business.

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