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posted on Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:56 pm

Shun Jirou
Male - 17 - Singer - Heterosexual

Shun has a case of dual personality disorder. The first personality, which is known as Shun あ, is kind, polite and selfless. He would do anything for anyone to keep them happy. He tries to become friends with everyone and share his happiness with others. He is an optimist, always has a bright smile on his face and is heedful to everything.
The other personality, known as Shun い, is mean, impolite and selfish. He would force people to do anything for him. He doesn't see anyone as friends but sees everyone as subjects. He is a pessimist, always has a stern look upon his face and is indifferent to everything.

Shun is 5 ft 11 in tall. He has shaggy light blonde hair that fits perfectly on his head. Shun always changes his clothes because of his occupation. Shun's favorite dress wear is formal suits so he would dress up in them anytime he could. Shun's right eye is blue whereas his left eye is gold; this could represent his split-persoanlity for some but it's just a generic fault in his genes. Shun wears black gloves that cover half of hands.

Shun has always suffered from split personality disorder from when he was born. The two personalities the body holds have always opposed each other so their parents tried to find a way to get them to agree for once. One day Shun's mother gave them an IPod with music on it to listen to. There was one song that both personalities like and so they both got into music, helping each other out. This helped them form a school band with friends and then become an online sensation. Online sensation lead to an agency discovering Shun's talent. 

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