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posted on Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:47 pm

The roleplay mainly takes place in Tokyo, the largest city in Japan. Other places in Japan might be home to a few magical girls and boys, but they usually all end up either becoming magical people in Tokyo, or they move to Tokyo to take part in the whole magical girl/boy business. Hunters can come from all over the world, even outside of Japan, but magical people have so far only appeared inside Japan, so there can't be a foreign magical girl or boy. How people become magical has not yet been discovered. Some suspect it's due to some shady experiment getting out of some shady lab, and others just believe it is merely magic finally making itself known.

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In a world where people constantly seek new distractions from their dull daily lives, idols have started becoming a bit too mainstream. There's a new trend in Tokyo now. Magical girls and boys fight each other in the middle of the streets, on top of buildings, in mid-air even, for no apparent reason. But it's entertaining; it'll have to do.

Mahou Shoujo Syndrome is an original magical girl/boy roleplay.
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