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posted on Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:53 pm

registration guide
ONE. Before joining, read the Rules and the Plot, so you won't join something you don't want to join.

TWO. After joining with the first name of your character as a username, go read the Setting and the Membergroups of the roleplay.

THREE. Now you can go on start on your character. Copy/Paste the Application in a new topic in the Character Creation Forum, titled "CHARACTER LAST NAME, first name". No nicknames, etc.

FOUR. Once you're done with your application, post in the Notification Thread, and an admin or mod will review your app.

FIVE. After you have been approved, post in the Face-Claims Thread.

SIX. If you have made a magical girl/boy, after the face claims, you need to fill out the Magic Card and post it in the Magci Card Creation Forum, titled "ALIAS, magical girl/boy". If your character doesn't have an alias, fill it out as "UNDEFINED, magical girl/boy". If you made a hunter or a civilian, skip this step.

SEVEN. Go Edit Profile -> Information -> And add the link to your approved application in the Application Link field.

EIGHT. You're finished and ready to rp <3

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In a world where people constantly seek new distractions from their dull daily lives, idols have started becoming a bit too mainstream. There's a new trend in Tokyo now. Magical girls and boys fight each other in the middle of the streets, on top of buildings, in mid-air even, for no apparent reason. But it's entertaining; it'll have to do.

Mahou Shoujo Syndrome is an original magical girl/boy roleplay.
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